Hemodialysis Products

Fresenius Medical Care North America introduced the first dialysis machine with volumetric fluid balancing, allowing precise water removal and increasing patient comfort during the treatment.

The introduction of advanced dialysis machines made it possible to introduce dialyzer membranes made of polysulfone, a synthetic material producing outstanding clearance performance coupled with superior biocompatibility.

Today, Fresenius Medical Care is the leading provider of dialysis machines and disposables in the United States with a system of products designed to work together.

Hemodialysis Machines

Fresenius Medical Care has continued it’s tradition of providing intradialytic monitoring and feedback tools with the introduction of the 2008T hemodialysis delivery system. The 2008T represents the next generation of hemodialysis delivery systems offering immediate access to dialysis treatment and vital medical information at patient chair side.

Revolutionary New Feature on 2008T ! - Clinical Data eXchange (CDX):

  • Allows for the transfer of clinical data between the 2008T and a MIS system.
  • Exclusively available on the 2008T

The CDX allows for real-time access to lab values, medication profiles, progress notes, medical reports, trending data, and other treatment related data. This information is available from each and every dialysis station that is equipped with a 2008T machine. Clinicians no longer need to leave the patient station to gain access to information via free-standing computers in the clinic. Clinicians simply use the CDX toggle key to navigate between dialysis treatment screens and the MIS system.


Other Features Available for the 2008T Machine include:


Fresenius Medical Care offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven technology, world-class quality and consistent performance has made Fresenius Polysulfone dialyzers the #1 prescribed brand in the USA.

Optiflux® Advanced Fresenius Polysulfone® dialyzers

  • Advanced Fresenius Polysulfone
  • Electron beam or EtO sterilization
  • High small and middle molecule clearance
  • Excellent endotoxin barrier
  • Available in High Flux and Low Flux

HemoflowTM Polysulfone® Dialyzers

  • Fresenius Polysulfone
  • Electron beam, EtO or Steam sterilization
  • Available primarily in Low Flux and/or Low Volume with limited High Flux versions


Fresenius Medical Care offers a wide range of high performance bloodlines to meet your demanding clinical needs. The CombiSet® True Flow bloodlines provide efficient dialysis treatments by delivering accurate blood flow for more consistent patient therapies.

CombiSet® True Flow Bloodlines

  • Standard CombiSet® bloodlines for Fresenius, Baxter SPS, System 100 and Tina machines. Available in 8mm pre and post-pump configurations
  • CombiSet® Twister® Reverse Flow Device - the prefect tool for your vascular access surveillance program. Allows the reversal of blood flow with a simple twist – no need to manually reverse the bloodlines. Reduces the potential for blood exposure and accidental contamination.
  • CombiSet® Blood Volume Monitor configuration for Fresenius machines, available in 8mm and 6.35mm
  • CombiSet® Low Volume 6.35mm bloodlines for Fresenius machines


Fresenius Medical Care continues to offer the latest innovations and best practices in dialysate to the dialysis market by providing citric-based acid concentrates and traditional acetic-based concentrates in liquid and dry formulations as well as bicarbonate concentrates in liquid and dry formulations.

  • NaturaLyte® Acid Concentrate
  • GranuFlo® Dry Acid Concentrate
  • Citrasate® Acid Concentrate
  • NaturaLyte® Bicarbonate Concentrate

For more information about concentrates, visit http://www.fmcna-concentrates.com

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