Liberty® Cycler

The cycler that revolutionizes dialysis at home!

The Liberty cycler is designed to meet the lifestyle and clinical needs of the patient. It is simple and easy to use. The large color touch screen and graphical user interface simplifies the treatment experience with easy to follow visual prompts to guide programming action. The Liberty cycler also provides options for both time based and cycle based programs depending on the lifestyle or adequacy needs of the patient.

In keeping with our tradition of innovative product development, we are continually exploring new technologies to optimize patient handling and safety. The dynamic pumping mechanism of the Liberty cycler may prove to be a helpful feature for patients with unique peritoneal anatomy. Patients can also use the® connectology system with the Liberty cycler. The unique PIN technology of the® system, reduces the potential risk associated with accidental touch contamination.

The Liberty cycler also features an ergonomic table top design that fits easily on a bedroom night stand or the cycler cart.