Peritoneal Dialysis Products

Fresenius Medical Care keeps a tradition of innovative renal care product development and sets the standard in peritoneal dialysis care.


stay•safe® System

The stay·safe® system is an innovative PD connectology that makes training patients easy. The traditional clamping and unclamping steps are replaced with a simple dial. The patient just turns the dial through the 4 Step process. When the patient reaches Step 4, a PIN is inserted into the patient's extension set, closing the system prior to disconnect, thus eliminating the need for patients to mask and wash their hands.


Liberty® Cycler

The cycler that revolutionizes dialysis at home!

The Liberty cycler is designed to meet the lifestyle and clinical needs of the patient. It is simple and easy to use. The large color touch screen and graphical user interface simplifies the treatment experience with easy to follow visual prompts to guide programming action. The Liberty cycler also provides options for both time based and cycle based programs depending on the lifestyle or adequacy needs of the patient.



A powerful, yet easy to use program, the IQsystem assists the MD in tailoring the prescription to accommodate individual lifestyles and enhance compliance with treatment. The IQsystem has been developed as a monitoring tool that provides historical information on the treatment provided by the Liberty® cycler and Newton IQ® cycler platforms.


Educational Support

Fresenius Medical Care North America offers an extensive array of educational support programs.

For Pre-ESRD education, the Kidney Options® Program, offers:

  • Web site education
  • Flip charts
  • Videos
  • Booklets
  • Recipe cards
  • Newsletters


The Kidney Options® support tools include:

  • Physician presentation materials
  • Train-the-Trainer Program
  • Marketing materials to use with referral sources, such as posters and prescription pads


For the peritoneal dialysis patient, the success@home™ program offers:

  • Clinic Tool Kit with manuals
  • Flip charts
  • Videos
  • Basic training flyers
  • Procedure cards
  • and more


The Advanced Renal Education Program website allows renal professionals access to free on-line educational materials and resources, including access to continuing education units for Registered Nurses and materials to train your patients.