Benefits of Replacing Your Old Central Dialysis Water System

As the costs of resources and labor all increase for dialysis clinics, replacing older and inefficient central dialysis water system becomes a necessity. Access to reverse osmosis (RO) systems that use intelligent technology, have a resource-friendly design, have reduced maintenance requirements, and are flexible enough to work in multiple clinic settings is essential. AquaATM meets these needs, plus offers full heat disinfection so you can improve staff efficiency.

Meet the AquaA Central Dialysis Water System

The AquaA central dialysis water system is the newest addition to the line of central dialysis systems from Fresenius Renal Technologies. See how the new AquaA can meet your center’s growing capacity, maintenance, and efficiency needs:

Full heat disinfection

Resource-friendly fully automatic heat disinfection makes chemicals obsolete for routine system disinfections. This process puts less stress on the natural environment because potentially hazardous chemicals are not disposed into the sewer system. Heat disinfection also has the capability to supply a hot rinse for up to 35 hemodialysis devices in one process.

Enhanced safety

Added redundancy of the double-stage central dialysis water systems provides a measure of safety. In the event of system failures, redundancy ensures uninterrupted treatments and minimal downtime.

Minimized maintenance

If manual chemical disinfection, and frequent maintenance are raising the ownership costs of your old central dialysis water system, it’s time to upgrade. AquaA only requires preventative maintenance once every two years and there are no replacement parts to purchase. Plus, its full heat disinfection helps with silica removal, which can increase the potential life span of the membrane.

Water and energy saving

AquaA minimizes water intake and is one of the industry leaders in efficiency with an up-to-85-percent water recovery rate. Smart monitoring settings automatically detect suboptimal performance, then adjust to save energy and water.

Intelligent technology

The intuitive UI design, user-friendly touch-screen display, and remote monitoring enable access to the right information at the right time. Automatic system processes help optimize the performance of daily center operations.

Expanded functionality

The AquaA central dialysis water system is modular, so it fits into a flexible footprint to meet your center’s unique needs. One system has the capacity to supply up to 75 dialysis stations with product water, and AquaA comes standard with the AquaHT, offering fully automatic heat disinfection. Customize your system with the AquaA2 (this option upgrades to double-stage reverse osmosis for added redundancy) and optional ultrafiltration AquaUF.

Experience the Advantages of AquaA

As an addition to the line of innovative Fresenius Medical Care Renal Therapies Group devices, the AquaA central dialysis water system includes customized project management with expert installation, service, and education. Plus, with intelligent technology that helps manage operational costs and heat disinfection that reduces hands-on disinfection time, upgrading your old dialysis water system to AquaA is a clear choice.

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Indications for Use:

The AquaA water purification system is a modular reverse osmosis unit intended for use with hemodialysis systems to remove organic and inorganic substances and microbial contaminants from the water used for treating hemodialysis patients or related therapies. This device is intended to be a component in a complete water purification system, and is not a complete water treatment system. The reverse osmosis unit must be preceded by pretreatment devices, and may need to be followed by post-treatment devices as well, to meet current AAMI/ANSI/ISO and Federal (US) standards.

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