For the seventh consecutive year, Fresenius Kidney Care has demonstrated its continued success in achieving 5-Diamond status in its dialysis centers. Last year we conducted a Q&A with Kathleen Belmonte, Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President, Clinical Services at Fresenius Kidney Care, to discuss how this accomplishment reflects the company’s commitment to patient and employee safety.

Q: What is the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program? 

KB: The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program was launched to assist dialysis facilities with introducing patient safety principles to frontline staff. Each dialysis facility must complete the mandatory Culture of Safety module along with four other modules in the first year of participating in the program. To renew and maintain status as a 5-Diamond Patient Safety Facility, a center must repeat the mandatory Culture of Safety module and complete two additional modules. The program is endorsed by the American Nephrology Nurses' Association (ANNA) and several other organizations in the industry.

Q: With participating Fresenius Kidney Care centers achieving 5-Diamond status this year, what does this achievement say about the commitment to patient safety? 

KB: It is wonderful to see that Fresenius Kidney Care has maintained its 5-Diamond Status at our participating facilities. This accomplishment speaks to our commitment to promote, enhance, and raise awareness about the importance of safety. It really has become part of our culture and something our care teams take pride in. We have also steadily increased the number of our centers participating in the program with 2,702 facilities achieving 5-Diamond status in 2022. 

Q: How do Fresenius Kidney Care employees earn this status for their centers? 

KB: Our participating centers must complete the mandatory Culture of Safety module each year of participation along with other required modules. Everyone, from nurses and doctors, to social workers and dietitians, to patient care technicians and management, is required to participate. Every member of the Fresenius Kidney Care team shares the mission of providing superior care for every patient, and so collaborating to participate in the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is a priority at our centers. 

Q: In these challenging times, what does the 5-Diamond status say about the staff at Fresenius Kidney Care?

KB: In the last year, our frontline healthcare heroes have demonstrated resilience and shown their unwavering commitment to keep patients safe. While it is no surprise that these teams maintained their 5-Diamond Status even during a challenging year and global pandemic, it is a testament to the talented care teams and staff who care for our patients around the clock. I am honored to be a part of this team and look forward to our continued participation in the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program.


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