System One with NxView

Designed for the ICU. Equipped for the HCP. 

The NxStage System One with NxView is currently being used by leading U.S. hospitals as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.1

The NxStage System One with NxView is designed to improve the simplicity of acute renal replacement therapy while providing the flexibility to personalize therapy based on patient needs. The system’s intuitive controls are designed for ease of use, making it a convenient way to provide acute renal replacement therapy.

A uniquely designed volumetric balancing system provides fluid accuracy without the need for scales, eliminating scale-based alarms and interruptions due to emptying waste bags. In addition, the NxStage System One requires no chemical or heat disinfection between uses/patients, and up to nine fluid bags can be hung, which may also increase nursing efficiency. The disposable cartridge is specifically designed to eliminate blood-air interface, which may reduce the risk of filter clotting and other interruptions.2 Patient data is securely stored on the NxStage System One with NxView, which integrates easily with electronic medical record (EMR) providers. With its minimal footprint and no special electrical or external water source and treatment requirements, you can transport and use the NxStage System One with NxView virtually anywhere in your facility.

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Explore the Features of the NxStage System One with NxView

A. NxView Intuitive Touch Screen Monitor

  • Intuitive touch screen navigation with simple instructions for operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Real-time treatment information
  • 96 hours of therapy graphing

B. Ergonomic Features

  • Conveniently hang fluid bags at shoulder height
  • Easy transport with push/pull handle

C. Simplified Fluid Management

  • Hang up to 29L of fluid at once, eliminating the need for frequent bag changes
  • Volumetric Balancing System eliminates the need for scales and the workload associated with changing and emptying bags
  • Dealing with scale-based alarms is completely eliminated, reducing staff workload
  • Direct-to-drain effluent eliminates interruptions in therapy due to emptying waste bags

D. Conveniently Designed For the ICU

  • Compact design takes up minimal space in the already crowded ICU
  • No special electrical or plumbing needs so the NxStage System One with NxView can be placed virtually anywhere in your facility


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For more information or product support, contact us at 1-866-NxStage (697-8243)





For more information or product support, contact us at 1-866-NxStage (697-8243)

Risk Information

Kidney replacement therapy, as with any medical therapy, is not without risks. The decision of which therapy to use should be made by the physician, based on previous experience and on the individual facts and circumstances of the patient. There is no literature demonstrating one therapy is clinically better than another.3 NxView is contraindicted as the sole method of monitoring a patient during treatment.4


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Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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