Citrasate Liquid Acid Concentrate

Fresenius Renal Technologies is a leading supplier of hemodialysis concentrates. For over 20 years, we have offered a complete range of acid concentrates designed for customers and patients. Access the latest innovations in dialysate, including citric-based acid concentrates.


About Citrasate® Liquid Acid Concentrate

Citrasate® contains citric acid, which forms citrate in solution, is easily metabolized in the body, and has a long and safe history of use in medicine, most notably as an anticoagulant used in the collection and storage of blood for transfusion.



Citrasate May Be an Option for Your Patients

Citric acid, a known anticoagulant, is contained in Citrasate dialysate. Evidence suggests that citrate dialysis may be associated with an increase in the delivered dose.1 Chronic dialysis patients treated with Citrasate have demonstrated stable total and ionized serum calcium levels.2


Citrasate® Liquid Acid Concentrate Formulations


1. Kossmann, R., et al (2009). Increased efficiency of hemodialysis with citrate dialysate: a prospective controlled study. Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology, 4: 1459-1464

2. Ahmad S, Callan R, Cole JJ, Blagg CR. Dialysate made from dry chemicals using citric acid increases dialysis dose. Am J Kidney Dis. 35(3):493-499,2000.

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